By the end of the Strong Suits class, each of the 14 students submitted a final creative project.  In their own unique way, each of these projects explores at least one of the key conceptual themes of the course.  Whether through writing or an artistic product, these projects display the myriad of ways in which the students' own thinking has been shaped by a sustained, critical investigation of Thom Browne and fashion design.  

Christopher Beri Tangka - "Rebirthing the Bustle" 

Fashion Design and Production

Alannah Blumstein - "A New Take on Tartan"

Fashion Design and Production

Chris Russo - "Thom Browne Breaks into the White House"

Fashion and Political Commentary

Luis Sosa Manubes - "Máscaras de Protestas De Colores"

Sculpture and Photography

Taylor Dellelce and Gracie Simoncic - "Strong Suits"

Fashion Design and Magazine Spread

CJ Rodgers - Artistic Portfolio

 Sculpture and Crochet

Holland Hiler - "Art is Fashion is Art"

Fashion Theory and Analysis

Amanuel Shiferaw - "Thom Browne x Adidas" 

Fashion Product Pitch

Paige Muir - "Is Thom Browne an Outlaw in Tennessee?"

Fashion and Political Commentary

Felicity Wong - "The Lost and Found Department"

Creative Writing and Fashion

Jaye Sevcik - "Every Marketing Class Should Study Thom Browne"

Marketing and Brand Analysis

Marcelo Guzman Aguirre - "All Roads Lead to Home: A Radiography of the Peruvian Fashion Industry"

Fashion Industry Analysis

Claire Miller - "...Reading Between the Clothes..."

Runway Show Analysis