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Fri, Mar 24

Man wearing a grey suit and overcoat and saddle shoes, holding a dolphin handbag. The suit, coat, and socks have a white dolphin pattern on them. From the Spring 2020 Mens Look


  • To understand how a profitable business develops around couture and how runway and commercial goals interact in a luxury brand 
  • To investigate how technology shapes the marketing of luxury clothing
  • To explore the legal and business challenges surrounding trademarks for designs in fashion


Guest Speakers


Mark McKenna profile picture on a sunny day with a sportcoat, classes, and white button up shirt
Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna -- Professor of Law, UCLA

Professor Mark P. McKenna teaches and writes in the areas of intellectual property and privacy law. Though his core area of expertise is trademark law, where he is widely recognized as a leading expert, Professor McKenna has written broadly on nearly every area of intellectual property, including utility patent, design patent, copyright, and the right of publicity.  He has also written more generally on innovation and technology policy. Much of his most recent work has focused on the intersection of intellectual property rights regimes and the intersection of IP rights with adjacent rights.

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Rodrigo Bazan black and white profile photo in front of a gray background, wearing a dark gray suit
Rodrigo Bazan (photo credit: Alastair Nicol)

Rodrigo Bazan -- Chief Executive Officer, Thom Browne

Rodrigo Bazan was appointed in May 2016 as Chief Executive Officer of Thom Browne, where he has led the successful expansion of Thom Browne into women’s and men’s categories, the brands direct-to-consumer footprint, philanthropic endeavors, and commercial collaborations. 

Since May 2016 Thom Browne has opened directly operated stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Milan, London, San Francisco, Saint-Tropez, Vancouver, Toronto and continued its expansion in the U.S totaling 105 locations and growing. In 2018, Bazan successfully oversaw the 85% majority share purchase of Thom Browne by Zegna group, allowing access to resources for continued expansion of Thom Browne’s product and service offerings. 

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